Boutique Tastings


Craft Beer College can design individualised, boutique tastings for two or more people.

Contact us to talk about a tasting to meet your needs.



Have you got a group of friends or colleagues that are interested in a social event with a twist?

Whether you want an intimate session to learn more about New Zealand craft beer or craft beer generally, to host a party or pre-wedding event, or put on the best social event your workmates have been to in some time, we can help.


Do you belong to a club or a group that is looking to host an event that is different?

Craft Beer College can design theme-based tastings and events for your club or group. If you have a specific
theme in mind, or are looking for a pub quiz with a difference, we can design a tasting based on your choice
of theme, to meet your needs.


Are you new to New Zealand or Wellington?

If you are new to New Zealand or to Wellington, Craft Beer College can design a tasting or a tour to
introduce you to New Zealand craft beer. We can take you on a tour of Wellington's best beer bars or
restaurants and help you explore all that is on offer in the Windy City.


Are you a foodie?

Craft Beer College can design and deliver a tasting event that will both whet the palate and tickle the taste-
buds. We can design a tasting event to help you explore the wonderful world of beer and food matching.
We can offer you advice on beer matches for dinner parties and tastings at home.


Are you practicing for a beer tasting challenge?

Craft Beer College can provide training and support to for beer tasting and beer option challenges. If you
are competitive, and want to the winning edge at your next challenge, talk to us about a tasting that will
help train your palate and mind.


Do you want to match New Zealand against The World?

Craft Beer College can design a blind tasting event to match New Zealand made beers against their
international counterparts. If you think beer from the Motherland is better, or that only US breweries
make good beer with hops, we can put your preconceptions to the test.


Are you a brewery or a business looking for support to promote your beer?