Set Tastings


Our set tastings can be run for two or more people, either privately or for groups at our
favourite beer bar.


Contact us at for details and pricing.

Check out the information on our Boutique Tastings.

Craft Beer 101

Interested in learning about the basics and getting familiar with the great craft beers on offer?

Book our Beer 101 tasting.


Beer 101 is a basic guide to craft beer. You will taste seven different craft beers from New Zealand and
around the world. Tasters learn the basics on how great beer is made with the few simple ingredients of
malt, hops, yeast and water.

The Weird and Wonderful World of Beer

Stick of drinking that yellow, fizzy stuff and want to try something different?

Book The Weird and Wonderful World of Beer tasting.


The Weird and Wonderful World of Beer will introduce you to a range of seven beers that may delight and
confound. All the beers will be eye-opening and will give you a great story to tell about the experience and
the weird and wonderful world of craft beer.

The Miracle of Malt

Want to know more about malt and why it is so important to the brewing of beer?

Book our The Miracle of Malt tasting.


The Miracle of Malt is a celebration of the miracle of malt and the contribution it makes to the flavour
and colour of beer. You will taste seven beers that will all showcase the importance of malt in the brewing
process and highlight the impact on ABV. Some interesting beers with malt alternatives will also be

The Pathway to Hoppiness

Have you heard about the brewing world's current obsession with hops and want to know more?

Book our The Pathway to Hoppiness tasting.


The Pathway to Hoppiness celebrates the brewing world's obsession with hops. You will taste seven beers
with a variety of New Zealand and international hops, and that build up in hop intensity. You will learn
about the historical importance of hops, and the birth of the popular India Pale Ale (IPA) style of beer.

The Beast that is Yeast

Have you found chunks at the bottom of your craft beer and want to know what they are?

Book our The Beast that is Yeast tasting.


The Beast that is Yeast will take you through seven beers that have been influenced by the yeast used in
the brewing process. The tasting will show how yeast influences the aroma and flavour of beer and its
importance in the brewing process. It will include beers where the yeast is left to do its work in the bottle,
explaining what those chunks are, and where they come from.

Craft Beer College "Exam"

Do you want to run a pub quiz, or a blind tasting with a difference?

Book our Craft Beer College "exam" tasting.


The Craft Beer College "Exam" will begin with a beer to stimulate the brain. It will then include seven
beers presented blind and combined with a series of "exam" questions that will test participants'
knowledge of craft beer. Those who "pass" will receive a Craft Beer College certificate. Shouldn't all exams
be this fun?